What you can do here in partidito.com:

  • Create your amateur footballer profile

    • Specify your top 3 footballer positions
    • Specify if you are a referee too
      • Specify your rate per match
  • Create your amateur football teams

    • The team can be of three types (open, by invitation, approval)
      • Open team: Everyone can join the team
      • By invitation team: only the footballers you invite can join your team
      • Approval: All the footballer can apply to your team, but you need to approve them to be part of you glorious team
    • Team Wall, Videos, Photos, Events...
      • Each team has its own space to upload pictures of the crew, embed videos from youtube or wherever you have the videos, you can have straight and direct communication with your footballers in the teams wall and even you can create events just for your team mates, like BBQ, Parties, Trainings or whatever you want.
    • Invite footballers to join your team and make history

  • Create matches with other teams from your city

    • When you create a match, you should create it from your team, and you should choose the team against you want to play. I know, it doesn't look as beautiful as I would like it to be, but it works. For sure in the near future I will work on a nicer way to make it easier for the footballer.

  • Accept or Reject Matches challenges of your teams

    • When you are footballer is not so normal to reject a direct challenge, but anyway, sometimes it has to be done. When a team challenges you to a match you will receive the matches details and very simple Accept or Reject buttons.
    • Each match has location and a nice map.

  • Play your match and report the score

    • I developed a kind of complex code to process the old know situation of, "we won!", no sir, that 2nd goal was offside"... The process is not perfect, but it does the work. When a team reports a score, the other team receives a accept or reject of score notification. If the 2nd team rejects the score, partidito.com will request to register a new score. If the 1st team accepts the new score, all ok (but suffers in compliant points tough), if it rejects again, then the match is cancelled and the compliance ranking suffers. Easy.
    • Won for no show: I call it Non compliance win, but thinking about change its name. The thing is simple. You challenged a team, they accepted, the big day arrives but sadly, the challenged team scared the shit out of themselves because your team is strong as a rock. No show win is not as good as beating your opponents in a 90 minutes match, but we all live those sad situations of no show.


    • What can be measured, can be improved
    • See where in the planet is your team positioned
    • Not only that, you can filter by continent, country and city. Pretty awesome, isn't it?

This is the near future functionality for partidito.com:

  • Matches with or without referee (it changes the logic to register the scores, of course)

    • Referee ranking

  • Creation of your own leagues

  • Creation of your own playoffs

  • Creation of your own tournaments World Cup style

  • Matches events submission (minute-to-minute)

    • For those CR7 and LM10 out there that makes amazing driblings, passes, saves and goals, you will be able to register everything you do in the match

    • Points system for each match, so each footballer and even the team fans will be able to evaluate each footballer and give them feedback. Everything to be better every single day. Improve, improve, improve!!


The path is long and there is a lot of work to do. It will take some time, but hopefully it will keep improving every single day.

This is for you guys! Enjoy football!

The future of the amateur football

The future of the amateur football

The future of amateur football