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Entrepreneurship is complicated

When you get into the entrepreneurship crazy race, you are your own limit. There is no Christmas, no birthday, no holiday that can stop you to keep going and going. That is a crazy clock race against yourself and sometimes it makes you feel really tired.

Right now I feel really really tired. I've been travelling a lot due to work and personal reasons but still working all the time I can in my own projects. Is just something I can't stop doing because I love it. I have a some really cool video games waiting for me to be finished (Max Payne 3 is the next one!), but I find more pleasure fixing issues in!

Some weeks ago I took a decision that will split my life in two. Is a risk, but still I want to do it. On 2014 I'm finishing at my Tech Consultancy Job to study a masters program dedicating 100% of my efforts and time to my project, to is a great I idea. I firmly believe is needed and that it will help a lot of people like me, that simple loves football and want to go out there and play a couple of matches. Not everything is about the professional footballers we all love or hate, but about ourselves as the best reflect of the beauty of football.

Since I'm very tired of reading thousands of lines of code from the last weeks, today I want to publish the Why, How and What of Is my way to relax and to remember that this path I'm choosing, is well on track and worthy.


Because the amateur football world deserves a platform to show the amateur or street talent of the most beautiful sport in the human being history, the football.

The Amateur Football has a lot of amazing footballers, teams and referees that will never see the success their talent deserves for different reasons like lack of connections, injuries in the wrong timing or just bad luck.

But this is not only about the highly talented footballers out there that haven't been discovered!

There are a lot of normal quality (or below normal, like myself) amateur footballers that would like to be linked in a bigger network of normal amateur footballers just for the simple pleasure to play a little match. Is not always about be first in the ranking of your city or country; for me it is just about the fun of playing football, even if I know I suck in most of the matches I play. Duh!

I believe we can have a space to share real football. Where we can find footballers, teams, referees, venues and championships that are real, connected and flowing for just one passion, football.

Real people connected around the best sport, football.


Giving to the world the best platform to keep track of the real football environment, from players and referees profiles, to teams performance in a complete but still easy and friendly experience (I still have a LOT of work to do in this User Experience part!).


The best social network to track, connect and live the real football world. (Partidito is the word in spanish we use in Colombia and some other countries to play a relaxed match of football. Literally it means "Little Match")

Note: If you are wondering about this Why, How and What thing, take a look to the following TED talk video.

I will keep updating.

Happy new year!