Today was a great day to code!

I worked a lot, but now the user experience is starting to get much better!

Now, when a footballer logs in to the social network, will be able to track the matches according to the match status

  • Challenged:
    • Incoming Football Match Challenges
  • Incoming matches, so you can get ready:
    • Local
      • Incoming matches as Local
    • Visitor
      • Incoming matches as Visitor
  • You can track the matches that are already played, and are pending to have a match score submited:
    • Amateur football Match pending to submit score
  • you will see the matches that are pending to have accepted the submitted scores
    • Amateur football match pending to accept submitted score
  • It can show the matches that were rejected and updated with new score too:
    • Match pending to accept new submitted score
  • Even non compliance process, for those matches where one of the teams left the other one waiting...
    • Amateur Football Match Fail

And of course, everything reflected in the points system I developed some months ago:

Amateur football world ranking

I will keep improving the functionality little by little.

Hopefully some day it will be good enough to help the passionate amateur footballers out there to have a real football experience with people that love football as much as they do!