After long hours of work and inspiration I've finally made the preliminary system to report events of the matches!. With events of the matches I mean the minute to minute report of the match, including goals, owngoals, yellow cards, red cards, injuries and saves of goalkeepers. Example here!

Complementing the develompent of the match's events I did some changes of the activity news system so it will include all the matches score processes and matches events making it easier for the footballers to track the events.News here!

Taking advantage of the events in matches system I developed a footballer experience module to track the evolution of the footballer in the social network. This experience module in conjuction with the goals, fouls, injuries, saves and owngoals with voting system are mingled to generate the footballer world ranking!

To finish the new developments I want to tell you about the iOS (iPhone and iPad) app that I developed a month ago. It is in a very early stage but is already available in the appstore.

It has been a lot of work but I feel proud of the development and the possibilities of this new social network! Logo