Hello football community!

I am making changes in the platform to operate in accordance with the new data and privacy management rules of the European Union (GDPR). I know, we are not all in the European Union, but these standards are excellent, and I will always try to offer the highest standards for the protection of your data.

By default, we all have email opt-out, and if you want to receive news from the community you can click here to change your preferences.

In that link you can update your data, select what data is private, public or just for friends, or completely delete your account.

As you may have noticed, it is very strange that we send emails to the community, and much less publicity (just like you, I hate spam), so I will continue with my policy of zero SPAM and a lot of progress for the community.

Updated Privacy Policy here

Little by little, we are creating the biggest soccer community in the world!

I must keep preparing for my game today, so see you on the pitch!